Mid Afternoon Memorial Day Noodle Release.

It was monday morning and I woke up after being up until who's counting or who's keeping track. Gotta get ready for work, ope ope ope wait a minute. It's Memorial Day and I don't have to do anything.

What should I do? I think I will go back to sleep. So I sleep sleep sleep and sleep some more because that's what I wanna do.

Not sure of the time and not sure of the reason but I mustuh been hungruh because I woke from a dream that took my next few hours over.

I recalled my dream that was fueling my craving. On a normal day and under normal time constraints I choose a place to eat and just eat it. But not today, I can do whatever I wanna do.

My dream took me from a trip to get my favortie dish at Noodles and Company the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese with Broccoli to Wendy's for a chicken sandwich value meal. The Chicken sandwich value meal struck as wierd because I rarely choose chicken over beef being from Nebraska where the beef flows like water from the Niagra falls not that I've ever been there.

My goal was set and all I needed to do was role out and do it to it. I got up and drove off on a route that when it ended created an almost perfect circle, but not really and in fact not even close. It was more the shape of a slightly bent green noodle doodle that you might find hanging out at a friends backyard pool I hit up N and C and then Wendy's. Once at Wendy's I had a delema. The chicken or the beef? Still not sure where the white meat came from I followed my roots and ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger value meal and made my way home to eat it all.

And now again I can do whatever I wanna do. What to do? I guess I'll take a nap. Night!


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