Barbra Sher's Temple of Doom

(just deal with my bad spelling and grammer)
dream aug 25 2005 John and I were discussing going 2 some temple in australia on the southwestern coast. John was hesitent cause he had been there a bunch when he was a kid. I however was still interested cause it had some strange green glass disk mounted in the centerof the temple. This disk when it was noon would caste a strange greenprint on the temple floor.
(switch 2 third person)
inside the temple there was some battle going on. In which these two strange human like specicies were fighting amongst themselves and the normal humans that would randomly break into the scene. the 2 specicies only difference was in size and clothing the larger being 7' or so and the smaller being 5'. The larger wearing a mongolian plate mail the smaller a less frilly armor. what they shared in common was the fact that they both looked like they had that bone diesease were the bones dont stop growing, their skin looking painfully streched over their riged bone structure.
Two humans finnaly broke threw the inter structure of the temple(back 2 1st person????myself being one of them).
we broke into a new area with these strange stone landings that were bout 2' wide. they ran along these walls of stone and we had 2 jump from landing to landing the drop being bout 500' straight down to a rocky beach(thatnk god it was somewhat foggy which made the jumps somewhat bearable)
a side note : i was not in my body cause they guy that i was was greek looking black hair and olive skin(im german scottish) ???????? the woman that i was also greek in appearance long black curley hair and rather atractive
finally we reached the top of the temple, manovering round some pillars to inter a large terrace which lead 2 the actual top. In this terace area there were two sets of steps that lead to the pinacle. some how i knew that the dark preistest that we had came here 2 kill was up there.
The woman however instead of going after the preistess nealed down in the foryour area that we were in retiving 2 of 4 total (unopened and in the plastic) decks of tarot cards that were seting in between the two sets of stares.
She opened the the two decks and began to shuffle them together, comencing to deal herself a hand on the floor in front of me. This confused me cause i thought we were sopposed to kill the woman? So i decide to peer around a pilar but i still cant see the woman. the woman that i was with after much contemplation decides that we should leave . so we do????
(switch to thrid person) the temple is flooding and I can now see the evil preistess(who strangly looks like barbra sher the pbs speaker she does motivational lectures which are actualy quite good) The preistess is holding up her hands and the floodwhich strangly looks like blood forms a great waterfall washing her out to sea
the greek woman and I have some discussion on me continuing my courrier in blacksmithing back in the states



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