Smokey Gellyfish

april 1 2005 I was working with sheet metal on a construction site with a cooworker named mike, when for some strange reason i decided to take off my shoes. Well that didnt go so well and when climbing around on some scafolding I cut the underside of my foot to the bone. Strangly though it hurt, there was no blood at all. since it wasnt bleeding i decided to put my shoes back on and go over to mikes.
Our travles lead us down an ally which i had been down previously in the dream and had left two large coffee bags of marijuana in a dumpster. This dumpster now had a homeless man in it sorting threw the trash. On our way by i reached into the dumpster retriveing the large bags of pot, and poured two large handfulls into the homeless mans hands(which of course he was apreciative).
As we continued on our walk mike and i began to notice these strange cloud like jelly fish hovering in mide air all over denver. Some were small 1'x1'x3' some were large 30'x30'x70' and generaly hovering over buildings. One could run your hand threw them and the dense black smoke would break apart and reform . i attempted 2 breath the smoke and it tasted like sut and smog. the large ones were wraping and clinging to large buildings and skyscrapers.
We finally arrived at mikes were i met mike's mom and her boyfriend. We all decided that we would watch a bronco game, but for some strange reason we are going to watch from a car far from the stadium. We park in front of a sewer stream were a man is swimming. The man yells at us to watch and lifts out of the water and surfs on his feet

ok and yes my dreams confuse the hell out of me , but there interesting :)


Blogger Matty G said...

Your first post! Looking forward to more. The jellyfish reminded me of a floating lavender pastry I learned to make in one of my dreams (I was living in a village that was most likely on another planet, or in another dimension, and they taught me how to make this pastry called a fo' qua, which in their language meant "hiccup." It was so light that it floated in the air like a bubble, but was sweet when you ate it...) - I need to write about that dream, if I haven't already.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005 10:56:00 PM  

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