Guest appearances..

So madonna was in one of my dreams, for the second time, and she was totally my friend , love that!
Also, for the second time last night, I was on a great adventure in a taxi and ran into a huge group of people from my class in high school, people i have totally forgotten about. I even talked to them and they responded about real things going on in their lives;new babies,jobs, etc, people looked different, it was weird. i got back in the cab, bc I had lost my friends catching up with my old classmates and my cab fare was up to $49...I think I found them...the rest is blank..

A little background, alot of my dreams take place in huge arenas, coloseums, water, long winding hallways, many different paths, etc. Mainly pretty fast and confusing with alot going on around me.


Blogger Matty G said...

OK 2 hectic crazy dreams in a row. I used to NEVER dream about celebrities - but recently, I do. I wonder if it's a product of living in California?

Anyway, I need to blog about my nightmare the other night - I've already almost forgotten most of it - but it does contain a celebrity - like many of the dreams I've posted here, oddly enough.

Thursday, November 24, 2005 1:48:00 AM  

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