Is this a Wu Yen Marketing Idea?

Several weeks ago, the Wu Yen Marketing Idea came to me in a dream. I posted my dream to my other web log, Anarchestra, and it occured to me that it would be fun to create a space just for dreams - and not just mine, but anyone who wants to share their cooky mindspew.

So here it is - the space to do it. Mindscrapes.

And, for the ribbon-cutting, I thought it only fitting to re-post the dream that inspired this place:

Wu Yen Marketing Idea

Composers, authors, and inventors have credited their dreams with the inspiration for some of their greatest creations. Thomas Edison, Charles Dickens, and Robert Louis Stevenson (among many others) have all created works from ideas that came to them in dreams. I keep a notebook by the bed to write down my dreams, not because I believe any of my dreams will inspire a Pulitzer- or Nobel-prize winning creation, but because my dreams are so often hilarious.

But then, a couple nights ago, I woke up from a vivid dream, and shining in my mind like a sparkling jewel was the Wu Yen Marketing Idea. It was an idea so fresh, so innovative - so good - that it could surely change my life, nay, the world forever.

For a few moments, I lay basking in the brilliance of the idea, with the dream fresh in my mind. "This is a dream worthy of your notebook!" I thought to myself. And I hugged my pillow closer to my face, listening to the soft whispers of Jay's sleeping breath.

"You better get the notebook and start writing," I prodded myself, feeling the soft, cool cotton pillowcase against my cheek as the dream's luminescence began to dwindle.

Sensing that the dream's memory was going to flicker out completely if I didn't act, I finally sat up and reached for the notebook. I pulled the pen from the spiral binder and began to write. The room was pitch-black, but I pressed the pen to the page, faithfully recounting the dream as its memory began to fade even more rapidly.

The next morning, the page (below) awaited me on my bedstand.

Click here for a larger image.

There's quite a bit even I can't read, and an equal amount I don't remember writing (or dreaming) at all. I will, however, attempt to translate the scripture for you here.

Wu Yen (illegible) viral mktg idea

I think we are (illegible) in an open market area. Sheehan, I think it was called. We had no money, but I had a little. The girl said I should get more money... I think. Anyway, I passed a certain point, almost feeling as though I had reached a new skill level. My computer (blackberry, etc.) automatically begins downloading an application (P2P file sharing music software similar to LimeWire). A dialog box appears along with the download, called Wu Yen, that reads: "You meant to do that." with 2 buttons: "I know" and "No I Didn't." Take it from there - I'm falling asleep again. - Matt

P.S. Argue w. the dialog box as the software din't know. A lot of people don't know.

And there, my faithful readers, you have the Wu Yen Marketing Idea. The odds it will change the world... perhaps a bit slimmer than I originally speculated in the excitement of my slumber the other night. I'm not even betting on it changing my life, to be honest. But I'll be damned if it won't at least change our lexicon, if only slightly and briefly.

So please, beloved Anarchestra-teers, join me in using Wu Yen Marketing Idea in daily speech, and help add it to our vocabulary!

Wu Yen Marketing Idea
Pronunciation: 'wü 'yen 'märketi[ng] i-'dE-&
Function: noun
Etymology: North American English, from scanning 1000s of Chinese Business Cards and lack of sleep, derived from dream, early 21st Century.
1 A brilliant idea that can not be remembered.
2 Any idea that seemed good at the time, but is actually crap.
3 (archaic) An idea with the potential to change the life of its creator, if not the entire world.

I challenge you to use "Wu Yen Marketing Idea" at least once in the next 24 hours! Starting...... NOW.

Get your friends and co-workers to use it too! (You can tell me where and when you used it by commenting on this blog entry.)


Blogger TongaLH said...

I freakin' love this new coined term. I was telling my friend Bryan about it and we have decided to include it as much as we can.

Funny thing...the mind.

Friday, May 27, 2005 6:33:00 AM  

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