My latest weird dream:

I woke up in my apartment and headed to the bathroom. In the hallway between my bedroom door and the bathroom door on the floor was my toaster. Perplexed, I picked it up and proceeded to head to the kitchen to return it to its proper place. Upon entering my living room, all of my pictures on the wall were in different places and some were upside down and on their sides. Not a single one was right side up or in its original position. Even more confused, I was standing in awe when I saw that my door was open about two inches. Then I freaked out because I realized that my dog, Daphne, wasn’t in my apartment anymore (mind you I live in a place that #1 doesn't allow pets and #2 Daphne has been gone for at least 6 years). I go rushing out the door and down the step and out of the building and stop abruptly, because my dog is across the parking lot hanging out by the garages. She sees me and I say, "Get over here you dork!" She dopily trots over to me and we head back up to my apartment. We get inside and I bend down to pet her head and ask her, "Who did this to us?" And that ends the dream.

I have NO CLUE what any of this means, so I went online to find out.


The Toaster: A kitchen and the appliances in it is about nourishment, it's about something that keeps you healthy and strong. So dreaming about a kitchen or kitchen appliances is dreaming about the core things that keep you alive. This isn't a dream about "being happy". It's a dream about surviving. Something is serious in your life, something that is causing an incredible drain on you. Something is missing from your life; something is sapping your energy. It's time to look through what is going on in your life and make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to live. [Hmmm? Interesting...]

The misplaced pictures/paintings: Paintings may represent a need to express your creativity or a desired image of your future. They may also represent your emotional state. [So, if these pictures are all out of whack, then I assume that means my emotional state is all jumbled???]

My deceased childhood dog: Is the dog being helpful, hanging out with you, and staying by your side? If so that is a great sign that you are happy with the relationship and have found a healthy level of trust in it. [So, I have turned to my trusty childhood companion for comfort and guidance?]

After looking at all of these factors and what they are supposed to mean, it does make a bit of sense. I have been questioning a lot of things in my life lately and have taken the complacent route and choosing to shove it to the back of my mind and not deal with it directly. I guess my subconscious is bringing it back up to the fore front and saying, "Hello! I am still here. I am not going away. You will have to deal sometime."


Not ready yet...


Blogger Matty G said...

I love the randomness of finding your toaster in your hallway - and that someone out there has actually found an interpretation for it!

Wow you were up early (by my clock)! Thanks for joining!

Friday, May 27, 2005 11:39:00 AM  

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