Roller Skate Queen

Just dreamed this last night:

I was in some club that had a continuous path around the outside wall of it that looked perfect for roller skating (which btw I haven't done since jr. high or earlier). So, I strapped on the roller skates I just happened to have with me and proceeded to skate around and around and around the club. Past the bar. Past all the tables. Past the D.J. booth. As the club started to fill up, people began to place wagers on how long I could keep going around. Could I make it until 1 am? The people betting for me began to shout encouraging words as I would whiz by them (much like people do in marathon races). Of course, I made it until 1 am and promptly got drenched by Gatorade and was crowned queen of the roller skate.



Blogger Matty G said...

If you were a gay dude, I'd say this dream was in fact a vision... and my advice as to how I think you should respond to the vision would be:

You must attend the next National Rollerskating Championships, which are held every year in Lincoln, Nebraska. Your destiny awaits you! (Your destiny may be the dubious honor of admiration from the fans of competitive rollerskating - but it's possible that your soulmate is himself a competitive rollerskater, and you'll meet him there!

But, since you're a chick, I think instead that, most likely, you were recalling a former life in which you were a Roller Derby champion named Roberta or Susan... (perhaps with a terror-inducing moniker, such as "Crusher" or "Bruisin' Susan")...

Tuesday, May 31, 2005 2:11:00 AM  

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