This is an experiment I tried very early Sunday morning. I'm not sure it was a success... but here is the result.

If you want to write down your dreams, a sure-fire way to do it, I think, would be to fall asleep while you're writing. That's what I am attempting to do right now.

I can already tell it's going to work, at least to some degree, because a large green apple just rolled up to me from across a checkerboard plain bearing a wide-gaping grin.

Of course, that was an escapee from the dreamworld coming to greet me while I still reside in the waking world. It's easy for me to continue to write while I am still awake, and therefore just as easy to document the creatures of the dreamworld that cross over while I am so near the border betwixt the two realms.

The trick will be to continue writing once I have crossed over. A trick, indeed, because writing demands consciousness, while sleep demands unconsciousness. I know it's possible, though. I don't know how many times I've fallen asleep, and continued to write, while trying to take notes in college - particularly economics. Economics is not interesting!

So off I go to dream and write. This is going to be a mess, because my eyes are closed. If there was such a thing as a telecopter, what would it do? I've got music. Hello.

I see purple tissue paper and green vapor. I wish I were Saturday and had more campgrounds. Whoa. I just jolted.

Wow, I just got so excited about something, my belly filled with butterflies. I wish I knew what I was so excited about. If I fell in the water, I would not be excited.

I just jogged into someone else's memory, kind of like hopping from blog to blog with the "next blog" button - only between minds.

I was nearly tricked into signing an affidavit for nacho cheese dip!


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