A Green Ribbon For My Mayonnaise

We had entered our mayonnaise in a mayonnaise contest. (Yes, we had a mayonnaise - one we'd developed ourselves - and we were apparently so proud of it, we thought it worthy of entry into the world of competitive mayonnaising).

Our mayonnaise was "Chicken Mayonnaise," and contained chunks of real chicken in it. (Upon waking, I realize this would simply have made it chicken salad in a squeeze bottle, but we thought it was a unique new twist on traditional mayos).

There was a panel of six judges, and we scored very well with all six. We didn't win the contest, but the Wisconsin judge (because, of course, any mayonnaise competition worth its eggs has at least one Wisconsin judge) gave us top marks.

With our second place "Green" ribbon in hand, I remarked to my fellow Mayo-technicians that I thought the idea of Chicken-mayo was "NASTY" from the beginning, and that I, personally, "would never eat it." I then added that I would eat a guacamole mayo. "We should have invented Guacamayo," I told them.

I then posed the question, "If a helicopter was equipped with propellor blades that could split atoms, would Superman be able to stop them with his bare hands?"

The dream continued for several more minutes, but was simply me giggling endlessly at what a funny question I had asked.


Blogger TongaLH said...

Have you seen the mustard with the relish already in it? I think the combo thing is the wave of the future!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 6:18:00 AM  

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