KarmelKorn's new product line

Last night I dreamed that I was chatting with the girl working the counter at the Conestoga Mall KarmelKorn Shoppe in Grand Island, Nebraska. KarmelKorn had expanded its product line to include some new, and quite varied, candy-coated items. For example, as I was telling the girl behind the counter what color my aura is (it's a greenish-gold, if you're curious), I was eating a Karmel-coated Apple on a stick, which she had given me.

While we were chatting, a family with a young daughter walked by pushing a hand-truck that carried the new large-screen TV they'd just purchased. The Karmel-Korn girl snuck over, and stuck a Karmel-coated Orange on a stick to the TV Screen, without the family seeing her do it, as a free treat for the little girl. I thought it was nice of her to do that, but wasn't sure they would appreciate all the Karmel she just got on their new TV.

I stood and looked at the other KarmelKorn offerings. There were baked potatoes coated in pink candy applesauce, and whole turkeys basting in some kind of candy-coating. She rang up my Karmel-apple and it came to $11.17. I about spit up Karmel all over the counter, and she said, "Oops, I charged you for two."

But it was supposed to be free. So I asked for my change, and she gave me a long curved white tube that dispensed chocolates - they popped out the end of the tube, and right into your mouth!

I walked away, and entered a new restaurant at the other end of the mall called "The Tum Room." Their mascot was the Pink Panther, and the entire decor consisted of pale blue bathroom tiles - the floors, the walls, the counters, table-tops, everything. There were swinging doors everywhere I looked, with round windows in them, and long buffet lines, all made of blue tile, but containing absolutely no food whatsoever. Finally, realizing I was lost, I called my Grammy.

Then I woke up.


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