Free the Robot Army from Lotus' Evil Mind Control

Last night I dreamed that my friend Lotus owned and operated an evil amusement park where she was creating an army of huge plastic robots she planned to use to overpower the entire world and turn it into one big, evil amusement park.

Lotus' robot army looked like those old wooden fisher price characters, complete with the smiling faces painted on. Except these were made of plastic, and each was only one color (there were red robots, yellow, purple, blue, etc.) and they all were lit from the inside, so they glowed. And they were about 10 feet tall - most of them.

I was part of a group that Lotus was trying to eradicate. I don't know why - although we were trying to escape from her and in the process, became her arch-nemeses. Maybe her evil mind control powers were innefective on us, and that's why she was out to get us. But for the first half of the dream, we were trapped in her amusement park (which resembled a big convention center, more than a park) trying to escape, hiding in the dark as her large, plastic, smiling, glowing sentries searched about for us.

During this time, we also interrupted a number of planning meetings Lotus was conducting. Each time we did, Lotus would get up from her conference room chair and call for her robot army to apprehend us, but we would run away (the robots sort of slid along the ground (since they were flat on the bottom) at about 2 miles per hour...).

Finally, we were nearly cornered on one side of Lotus' olympic-sized evil ice skating rink. We had to make a mad dash across the ice while Lotus was in the DJ booth sending her robots out from all directions onto the ice to capture us. We got across, just barely, and escaped through a panel in the wall.

The panel in the wall led to a cliff high above a misty, forested valley. We could see Lotus' robots working hard to clear-cut the forest and make way for her evil amusement park.

At this point, we realized we had developed a serum or antidote extracted from lipids in our blood that, when injected into the plastic robots, instantly freed them from the clutches of Lotus' evil mind-control powers. I don't know how we knew the serum would work, but we set out, each of us armed with syringes, to inject her robot

As we freed the robots, they immediately became friendly (and some of them, handsome) and joined us to stop Lotus from taking over the world. We managed to free a large portion of her army, and thus had a pretty large army of our own, before she realized what was going on. But then, she ramped up her own army assembly lines and the battle was on!

Unfortunately, I don't know where the dream went from there. I do remember it was pretty funny. But I don't know if we actually succeeded in thwarting Lotus' diabolical scheme to take over the world and turn it into her evil amusement park. I'm sure we did, though - because we were pretty bad-ass. And Lotus probably escaped, spinning through space, on a Zamboni.


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