Tonga's Bathroom Woes

(Hi I'm new, Tonga invited me. Please bite/don't bite at your discretion)

This was one of those just-before-you-wake-up dreams and I'm struggling to write it out before it becomes a fuzzy memory.

There's a phone ringing in my apartment and it's Tonga calling to ask me to come help her out. Her bathroom is flooded and she can't get it to stop and she's panicky. We live in the same complex (in the dream, not IRL) so i pop down to her place where I find her in her huge bathroom frantically trying to push the water on the floor out of a window nearby. It was more like a sliding glass door then a window. But she was using her hands to try and push out the water which was standing about an inch thick on the floor. The room was tiled, large and more like a gym shower area than a bathroom.

I remember asking her why she didn't have a bathtub like mine because the shower area was just part of the whole room. I also remember feeling jealous that she got such a cool, big bathroom. Mine was dinky and had just a normal size tub.

Anyway, I looked around the floor and noticed there were fall leaves all over the place (but not near the shower area) and I asked her if it was possible the clog was due to the proliferation of dead wet leaves all over the place. She answered, "Hmmm... maybe." To me it seemed entirely logical that the leaves were the culprit but it seemed to come as a surprise to Tonya. But it didn't seem weird to either of us that the leaves were in the bathroom in the first place.



Blogger Matty G said...

I actually keep a notebook by the bed, with a self-illuminating pen (which makes me a huge dork or a somewhat deranged artist - probably both), so I can scribble down my dreams as soon as I wake up. Still, it doesn't always help - as is apparent in Dream #1 - Wu Yen Marketing Idea (which was pre-lite-pen - and what made me realize how a lite-pen is a MUST! haha)

I love how totally ILLOGICAL things can seem so completely ordinary in our dreams. The leaves, the huge, gym shower bathroom in Tonga's little apartment...

I'm so glad we have a new contributor! I'll get you added to the "Dreamers" list right away.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 12:54:00 AM  

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