Do you ever have recurring elements to your dreams?
I do.
And often.

There is this mixed up place that I see a lot.
And this really big, fancy hotel on a strip of big, fancy hotels.

The Place:
You get to the place by going down a really steep hill and then crossing a really big river. Going over the bridge always freaks me out in my dream. I guess I have always had a fear of plummeting to my watery death off a river bridge. As you are crossing the bridge you look to the right and see a series of houses in a marina-type area. (I have stayed at one of those houses in one of my dreams and gone swimming in the lake/river which I would never do because I hate swimming in unchlorinated water.)

There is also a street that runs parallel to the river inland a ways and it has all sorts of regular stores. You know, gas stations, dollar stores, boutiques, Target, grocery stores.

I have also gone shopping in one of those grocery stores before in one of my other dreams. I can picture the layout of the store in finite detail even as I type this. Weird.

The Hotel:
This hotel is grandiose. You walk in and to the left is this enormous escalator. The ceiling in this lobby is one of the highest I have ever seen. To the left and down stairs is the pool.
If you go up the escalator, you are on level 2 and there is a really big ballroom. Sometimes there are functions or dances going on in that ballroom in my dream, sometimes it is vacant.

There is another escalator going up another level. When you get to level 3 there is this huge mural/window that goes from the floor to the ceiling and there are chairs lined up, like airport chairs, so people can just sit and view the mural or look out the window. See the mural is a mural but then you can look through it out onto the strip of fancy hotels too.

There are so many different dreams I have had with these two elements in them. I could be here for a while trying to explain them all. I wish I knew why they kept reappearing. It’s very strange.


Blogger Matty G said...

OK I find this interesting - I just made a list of my recurring dream elements - and then went back to re-read yours. I notice the following same things:

Strip mall
Steep hill
Rushing river
Drowning/Watery Death
Observation room

Is this weird? Or are these common dream elements? Get off my wavelength! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 12:19:00 AM  

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