VW Bugs are NOT my thing so why?...

Last night I dreamt that my gram helped me pay off my car to alleviate some debt and money troubles I have been having.

I then promptly turned around and bought a brand new VW bug in jet black with all the extras. (I have always and will always HATE the VW bug, so i don't get it) After driving off the lot, I quickly went from ecstatic to having buyers remorse. It suddently hit. These payments are even more than the ones I had. What was I thinking?

I ran to my grandma's in tears. "Do you think I can return it? I don't want it! What the hell was I thinking? I must be insane. I wonder if someone drugged me?"

My grandma suggested we try to return it. (Ha ha, like this would ever be an option in real life. Do you know how much a car depreciates as you drive it off the car lot? It makes me sick to think about it.)

We go to the dealership and plead with the lady who sold it to me to take it back - take it back. I was hysterical and trying desperately to get out of the massive grave I just dug.

Then I woke up.


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