Original Moonshine

Been a while since I've had a dream worth posting but this morning's was pretty weird. It involved Dolly Parton, Lex Luthor, Flyleaf and Tonga. Tonga why do I keep dreaming about you? Get out of my head!

Tonga and I were going to see Flyleaf perform an acoustic gig inside a big room in this sort of victorian farmhouse. They were opening for Dolly. So we're watching them do their thing - it's a very small audience too - all lined up on the little stage strumming guitars and singing etc. and they finish up so Dolly can get going on her show. I don't remember hearing any music at all, I just know they performed.

Dolly sang part of her first song and I noticed the actor who plays Lex from Smallville sitting near us - but in the dream he *was* Lex Luthor and not Michael Rosenbaum. I remember saying to Tonga that Lex was here. But also, I knew Lex wasn't the evil genius he portrays rather he was a boring old attorney. I dunno. I'm weird and yes I watch too much Smallville.

Anyway, midway through Dolly's first song she stops and pulls Tonga and me onstage and tells us we're going to help her out with a little skit. The skit requires us to change into costumes. Tonga's involved a corset and mine involved a black bouffant, flippy wig that had some kind of glue on the right side that had to be stuck to my cheek to make it look right. It was an elaborate wig as you'd imagine any wig of Dolly's to be.

We do our skit (no idea what the skit was) and it isn't received well - meaning it wasn't that funny - and both Tonga and I were glad to get offstage and back into the audience. Though it was cool to be onstage with Dolly :) When I took the wig off the part that was glued to my cheek just ripped off my skin and it hurt like a bitch. The area of my face had a rectangular, angry red mark on it that burned. I was mortified to have this blotch on my face and I kept trying to use my (real) hair to hide it while trying to stifle whiny moans of pain. I distinctly remember trying not to let Lex see it.

After the show, Dolly is packing up and I approach her with my hand over my cheek and I ask her what the hell that glue is that burns so much and she tells me in her own 'Dolly' way that it ain't no big deal and if I go up to her dressin' room and find a bottle of her 'Original Moonshine' it'll get that red mark right off.

So I go off thinking I'm looking for a still or something and instead find an old-fashioned bottle that looks like the tonic you'd buy in a general store in the 1800s called 'Original Moonshine.'

Then I woke up. The end.


Blogger Matty G said...

Okay - how weird is it that you and I have both had dreams involving Dolly Parton AND in which we have worn wigs?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 3:27:00 PM  
Blogger Melia said...

That IS strange. That Dolly, she gets around :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 8:42:00 PM  

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