I had a weird dream last night. Not that this is any surprise, but nonetheless I wanted to share it.

It starts out at Niagara Falls. I have never been to Niagara Falls. I didn't see or read anything about Niagara Falls, so I have no idea where this came from

Anyway I am with a group at Niagara Falls and we are walking down some wooden steps. A person in my group asks, "See the tour guide? See how close he is to the falls?" I said, "The guy with the skeleton face paint?" (Because for some reason the tour guide had skeleton face paint on) The person said, "Yeah." I respond, "I guess he is close to the falls! DANG! He could reach out and touch them!" I remember having a sense of dread and panic because it was a long fall down the falls and I don't particularly like heights.

Then somehow I am in my old house in Omaha. Gram and I are resting on the bed talking. One entire wall at the head of the bed is open to the back yard. As we are chatting away we hear a peacock squawk. We stop and look up and see a white peacock looking at us inquisitively. I turned to my grandma and asked, "What do you think it wants?" She said, "Well, it looks cold. Let's see if it wants under the covers." We lift the covers up and the bird dashes in and turns around, snuggles in and looks at us adoringly. Then it lay down and went to sleep.

We got up and left it to rest and decided that Jasmine (my mom's dog) needed a bath. But I was late for work, so I couldn't do it. My grandma said she would and I went into my room to shower. I was showering in my room with one of those handheld shower heads and I remember thinking, "How can I be showering in my room? There is no place for the water to go. The carpet is going to be soaked." I looked out the window and down to the driveway and saw my grandma lathering up Jasmine. I looked out at the street and suddenly saw a bunch of people lining the streets. I jumped back because I was in the buff and didn't want them to see. I grabbed a towel and went back over to the window to see why all these people were on the street. Just then the house started to shake. I opened the window and shouted down to my grandma, "What is that?!?" She said, "Heck if I know."

Then we saw a long brigade of military vehicles coming down the street. Trucks, tanks and the like. Then we saw a platform with a brand new, shiny helicopter on it that was painted black and red and orange. An announcer came on a loud speaker and said, "And now the new copter." And then everyone cheered. The brigade stopped and all the tank topper made a full circle and once back in position all the guys riding on the truck and tanks said at once, "HOO RAH!" I must have thought that was cool because I looked right at one of the gentleman sitting on the side of a tank with one of those fisherman-type military hats on and mouthed "Hoo Rah!" out my window. He saw me and gave me the gangster peace sign as the brigade got moving again.

Soon the trucks were gone and I suddenly had the urge for pasta. I started talking to my grandma about all different kinds of pasta. Fettuccini with alfredo sauce, lasagna with marinara sauce, mushroom stuffed ravioli with cheese sauce and on and on and on I went. We decided to go eat Italian, but on the way I made her take me to Walgreen's because they were having a buy one lipstick get the second lipstick free sale and I had to buy some. Once I got into Walgreen's I saw that every single make-up line had the lipstick sale. I panicked because how the heck was I going to choose which line to buy from. Then how was I going to choose the colors. My grandma was outside honking the horn and I was getting panicky.

I don't know if that was the end or not, but that is all I can remember.

Conclusion: my brain is weird.