Two people, two worlds, same time

This is one of the strangest dreams I have had, and will be really challenging to describe. The only chance of it making any sense at all is to tell it in two parts. In the dream, I was actually co-existing in two different realities - different worlds, even - and sort of as two different people. So basically, two different stories were taking place at once. Both parts, described below separately, happened simultaneously. What really amazes me is that I could experience this and that it totally made sense in the dream. Even weirder, perhaps, is that I can recall it quite vividly.

Part 1
I had gotten groceries and brought them back to where I was staying with my family, which was a place that felt like the house I grew up in. I had bought chips, cookies, and ice cream. Grammy called on the phone and I was talking to her while trying to open the bag of chips to snack on. She was wondering what had happened to one of the fake boobs that went with some doll. I was asking Mom and Wade and we were having a three-way conversation between me and them in the other room and me and Grammy over the phone.

The house was filled with tanks containing all kinds of strange fish that I didn't recognize. I looked in the freezer and discovered that I had bought lime-vanilla ice cream thinking it was just vanilla, meanwhile discussing the missing fake boob with Mom, Wade, and Grammy. We couldn't agree on what had happened to the fake boob, but we had 2 dolls and only 3 fake boobs.

While this was happening, a TV program was also on that we were all watching. I was struggling with the chip bag and finally it burst open and chips spilled everywhere. I realized that Dad couldn't see what was happening on the TV show, he could only hear the audio from where he was sitting. Mom and Wade could both see and hear the TV show.

However, I was not only seeing and hearing the TV show, I was experiencing it first-hand because it was a live program featuring a cast of many people and I was one of them.

During the time I had bought groceries and stocked our kitchen filled with bizarre fish tanks with junk food and talked on the phone with Grammy about a doll's missing fake boob and debated with Mom and Wade over what had happened to it while struggling to open a bag of chips for a snack during a TV program that each of us was able to perceive in different amounts, I was simultaneously existing in another reality which was playing itself out to the rest of my family as a TV game show, but was being experienced first-hand by me.

So, everything that follows happened at the exact same time as everything I just described.

Part 2
While all of the above took place, I was also a completely different person (physically, but not consciously) in a completely different world, having a totally separate, but simultaneous, experience. As this person in this world, I was on a dusty, barren landscape. The earth was dark brown, hard, and dry - and it was the setting of a TV game show called "Time Shift". The host was cheerfully explaining the reality of the situation to me (which was essentially the rules of the game). But to me, the reality of the situation was nothing to be cheerful about. To the best of my recollection, the reality was that I was going to experience some kind of shift or jump in time that only one other woman (who was in the same situation as I was, but whom I couldn't actually see, though I could envision her in my mind) and I would experience.

The rest of the audience (or people in this world) would not experience the time shift - or - everyone else would experience the shift in time except this other woman and me. Either way, it didn't make a difference, being a time shift, it was only a matter of perspective. When the time shift occurred, another man in a Howard Cosell ABC's Wide World of Sports-style yellow polyester sport coat would sing the Time-shift Game theme song into a microphone and everyone would make a lot of money.

He was somehow like me and the other woman, but would not be subjected to the time shift because he was cooperating with the others - I knew this because it was part of the theme song's lyrics - and because of the time shift, I had already heard him sing the theme song at the end of the game, even though it hadn't happened yet.

The other woman, who was there somewhere, but whom I could only envision in my mind, was desperately trying to communicate instructions to me, even though we both knew it was hopeless and there was no way to avoid getting hit by the time shift. The game was rigged - which is to say, reality was rigged.

I was given a wooden staff like a wizard would carry, which was supposed to give me some defensive power. But it was really just a big long piece of knotty driftwood with no real powers. The people in the audience, who were all of the people in the world, and who were all around me but invisible at the same time, didn't know that the staff had no power and became very excited as the game began.

What looked like a light projection of an eyeball appeared on the ground. It began to move swiftly over the hard, cracked surface of the barren landscape I was in, searching for me. Being an eyeball, it could see me, and therefore didn't have to search very hard. I held the staff in front of me while the only partially-existent audience around me began to cheer and I tried to hear the other woman's frantic coaching in my mind. The giant eyeball moved in a quick, straight line directly at me and I backed up as fast as I could while poking it with the stick, but I couldn't move at the speed of light, which is what the eyeball was made of, and as soon as it reached me the time shift occurred, the theme song was sung, and money was won.

I immediately joined several other people outside a large, white labyrinth. An old friend from high school named Chelle was inside the labyrinth being chased by several other creatures (or people in costume) whose job it was to thwart her progress. I could see all this happening because the white walls of the labyrinth were only an inch or two high.

I was standing at the exit, and somehow knew I had to keep Chelle from getting through it. Even though I was blocking her, I was there to protect her, while the others weren't. As she tried to run out, I blocked her path and we collided. She fell onto her back and I stood above her to help her up and asked if she was OK. She was trying not to cry and said, "No, I am not OK" and she didn't understand that I was trying to help her.

I said, "None of us are OK right now."

She looked at me and there was a glimmer of understanding in her eyes. She got up and walked off. I then saw her on a lower level through an opening in the floor and she dropped a large, Ziplock-type bag containing what looked like a pink cassette tape of some kind. I tried to call out to her that she had dropped something, but she didn't hear me.

So I began shouting at other people walking on that level and finally a woman heard me who was dressed either like a nurse or a flight attendant in a shimmering pink lamé uniform, and she tried to pass the bag up to me. The bag fell short and spilled open. It turned out not to contain a cassette tape, but a bunch of papers, documents, four large pillows, a couple of blankets, and a corduroy pillowcase that was zipped shut. I ran down to pick everything up and noticed the pillowcase was moving.

I opened it and looked inside and found a small dog. Realizing that Chelle was smuggling/rescuing puppies, I quickly zipped the pillowcase back shut and stuffed it and the other items back in the Ziplock bag. I was trying to figure out how I would get the puppy back to Chelle and thinking about how much trouble we could get into when I woke up.